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pupa Camp and the Kaokoland region offer a unique experience year round but, just like everywhere, each month has it's own characteristics and patterns. To help you plan your trip here is an overview of what Epupa has to offer different times of the year

December - March

A lovely period with few tourists and where the entire Kunene region comes to life during the rains. The Kunene gains momentum from the rains further east and the falls come to life. The best time to see the blossoming plants, as well as animals and birds. Days typically start sunny but will sometimes bring welcoming clouds with rains in the afternoons. The scent in Epupa after a shower is simply magical—as if the entire African soil opens up and begins to breathe.

April - June

Epupa FallsLate summer and early autumn with pleasant day and night temperatures. The Kunene River is in full flow and the Epupa falls are at their most dramatic with a constant mist of spray shrouding the surrounding landscape. A great time for photography, especially of the falls. Green blossoming trees create a great contrast to the golden desert landscape.

July - September

Winter and early spring marks the beginning of Epupa's high season. While the rest of Namibia endures winter and often gets very cold, Kaokoland and Epupa in particular still enjoy sunny, warm days and mild nights. Blue, cloudless skies occur every day. The landscape is dry and desert-like, except for a narrow strip of green along the river. The Himba come to the river in increasing numbers to provide for their cattle. Mesmerizing starry nights.

October - November

High season for most tourists. The landscape is dry, sighing for rain, and the temperatures pick up from the cooler winter months. It's hot, but pleasantly so with very low humidity. Magical mornings and evenings where the sun bathes the landscape in soft, earthy colours. A great time to chill in the natural pools by the falls. The river is calm. Many birds return from their annual winter migration and start building nests and laying eggs; the famous weavers can be seen building their nests everywhere around the camp. The Himba concentrates along the river with their cattle. Clear blue skies during the day replaced by clear, starry nights.