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Five exclusive campsites under huge ana and makalani trees allow for a camping of tranquillity in a secluded, shady and quiet corner along the Kunene River.

ShowerOur campsites combine the use of local material with pleasing attention to detail to allow for a most memorable stay in Namibia. One of our camping guests rated our showers as the best in Namibia!

Each campsite has a river view and has private ablution facilities, consisting of a shower with warm & cold water, flush toilets and two hand basins, a barbeque area and a sink for dishes.  The campsites are spacious to easily allow a group of 10 guests with 5 vehicles with off-road trailers or caravans.

Best showers in Namibia

Camping in a rooftentThe Epupa Camp campsite is situated well away from the often noisy Epupa Village shebeens. Campers are ensured of falling asleep to the sounds of only the rapids of the Kunene River, nocturnal animals and birds.

Camping guests are welcome to use the Epupa Camp facilities. Meals and activities can be booked with the camp management upon arrival.
The local community sells fire wood at the campsite and also offers a laundry service.  Our staff can assist you to negotiate this with the community. For the sake of the environment, please use as little wood as possible to cook your food.

Warm water is supplied by what in Namibia is called a ‘donkie’.  This system is quite energy efficient as it only needs a few pieces of low quality wood to heat up the water.  We use mostly fall-offs caused by the wind or age in combination with low quality wood to heat up the water.  Our camping staff fire the 'donkies' every morning and late in the afternoon.  Adding more is not allowed as this can be potentially dangerous.

Our campsite is situated about 1 km, an easy walk, from the Epupa Falls. You can meander along the river bank or through the village with its rich array of using omapokollo (palm leave stems) for building.  Enquire at check-in about self-hiking trails and guided trails.

Due to the fact that we have only five camping sites, booking is essential.

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River view

Barbecue area


Camping under big trees

Camping under the trees


Sunset at Epupa

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