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pupa Camp offers a wide range of activities that give you a rare opportunity to explore this fascinating corner of the world.

Visit to Himba settlement
Bird-watching trip by boat
Visit to Epupa Falls

Visit to Himba settlement

Himba teens age girlJoin one of our local Himba guides as they take you through one of the small Himba villages in the region and learn how these fascinating nomadic people live, work, think and worship. You will be allowed to take photographs and will also be taken for a private visit to a traditional Himba graveyard.


Camp Guest enjoying sundownerEvery evening approximately 1 hour before sunset, we take you in our open safari vehicle to one of the hills overlooking the Epupa Falls for a sundowner as the surrounding desert landscape explodes in colors and fascinating shadows.


Expert rafting guides always lead the teamFor those of our guests who want more than just to gaze at the river, we offer half-day and full-day rafting or canoeing trips down the gentle Kunene River. After taking you to our upriver launch station in our open safari vehicle, your qualified guide will provide you with all equipment needed and brief you on the day's expedition. He will then lead you on a gentle cruise down the river, with ample time to stop and enjoy the scenery, watch the birds and the crocodiles sunbathing on the banks, and take photographs. RaftingEn route we will stop along the river banks for refreshments. A delicious lunch package is included in the full-day trip.

We have two rafts to choose between:

  • An 8-seater raft where our guides do all of the paddling and maneuvering for you
  • Six 2-seater "crocs" where you do the paddling together with your rafting partner

No advance rafting experience is required.

Bird Watching Trip by Boat

Epupa is a bird-lovers paradiseFor bird lovers, we offer half-day river birding trips where our expert guide will point out some of our 238 different species that inhabit the Kunene region, including Cinderella Waxbill, Rufous-tailed Palm-Thrush (a permanent resident at our camp), Monteiro’s Hornbill, African Paradise-Flycatcher, Goliath Heron, African Fish-Eagle, various bee-eaters, kingfishers ranging from the Giant to the tiny Malachite Kingfisher, bulbuls, rollers (Purple, Lilac-breasted and European), Rosy Faced Lovebird, Golden, Spectacled and Lesser Masked-Weaver, and sunbirds, to name just a few. This is as close to nature as you will get, and truly a soothing way to spend your morning or afternoon.

Visit to Epupa Falls

Epupa FallsEvery day we offer a guided walk to Epupa Falls. The walk will take you past the calm waters before the dramatic falls where the Himba people often come to wash their clothes, bathe, or play in the water. Finally, you will be taken to the best lookouts of the falls further downstream.
The falls are a total of 700 meter long with a height of 35 meters, including rapids. Depending on the season, the falls have a typical flow from 20 (winter) to 800 m3 (summer) of water per second.


Our guides can take you along the river or into the surrounding hills to explore the flora and fauna of the Kaokoland and enjoy stunning views of the Kunene snaking its way through the dry desert landscape. During your hike you are likely to come across large Euphorbia bushes (whose poisonous milky-white latex has been used by the Himba for hunting for centuries), rose quartz crystals, mopane scrub, and the flat-topped umbrella thorn with the almost Mexican name: Acacia tortilis.