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naking its way through the arid desert landscape of northern Namibia, forming a natural border to Angola, the Kunene River is perhaps one of the loneliest rivers in Africa. And one of the most enticing.

Flowing steadily from the Angola highlands south to the border with Namibia and then west along the border until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of the few perennial rivers in Namibia.

With its constant flow of water it creates a lush, slim oasis along its banks that acts a natural magnet to people and animals alike from all over the region. Whether meandering along the river on foot or gliding down the river in one of our rafts you will likely see Himba men, women, and children coming down to the river to collect water, bathe, play, or wash their clothes.

Set right on the riverside, Epupa Camp offers you a rare opportunity to kick back, relax with a good book, a pair of binoculars, or perhaps a cool drink from the lounge and enjoy the dozens of rare birds building their nests in the treetops, the gurgling sounds of the passing water, and the feeling that time has ceased to exist.

Along its course, only a few minute's walk from Epupa Camp, the Kunene tumbles through the Epupa Falls - another highlight of your visit to Epupa.