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aokoland is one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Southern Africa with some of Namibia's highest mountain ranges. It is a world of incredible serenity and hauntingly beautiful mountain scenery that stuns the eye and touches the soul. It's vast. Silent. Magical.

Bordered on the south by the Hoanib river and by the Kunene River in the north, this is where the real Africa begins. Journeying here is like journeying back in time, before the time of cell phones, automobiles, electricity, and television, where life goes on undisturbed and unimpressed by modern civilization. It is one of the last refugees for the black rhino, and home to the famous desert elephants that roam freely in this region.

The area surrounding Epupa Camp consists of richly coloured rock walls, and the lush Kunene River that snakes through the landscape creating a thin green oasis that gives life to a variety of exotic trees including the wild fig, baobabs, and waving makalani palms. Spectacular sunsets and the river's perennially flowing waters mean that the area offers much to see and experience.

Completely untouched, this landscape has remained the same for thousands of years and yet always seems to change. From the soft pastels and deep shadows of the early morning and late afternoon to the harsh and rugged landscape of the midday sun, you will find that what at first seems devoid of life, slowly begins to come to life, as if the mountains themselves are breathing and have a soul of their own.

Kaokoland is simply magical. There is no better way to describe it, and no other way but to experience it.

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"This vast land [Kaokoland], is Namibia at its most enticing."      
– Bradt Travel Guide