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ore than anything, Kaokoland and Epupa is the land of the fascinating Himba people, one of world's last nomadic tribes.

The Himba are a traditional, pastoral people, relying upon herds of drought-resistant cattle, hunting, and gathering for their survival. They look and live like no other people in Africa.

Himba childOne of the most striking things about the Himba is the colour of their skin and hair and their unique way of dressing. They smear their skin with a mixture of cattle fat, ash, and ochre to protect themselves from the harsh desert climate and the merciless sun above. As an additional bonus, the paste gives the Himba a deep red colour that is a highly desirable look in the Himba culture and is very striking to look at. The women wear small skirts made of goat skins adorned with shells and jewellery made of iron and copper. The men and boys wear goatskin loin cloths.

Their houses are simplistic cone-shaped structures made with saplings covered in mud and dung.

Until the late 1980's, people living in the area relied entirely on a hunter-gatherer existence, using only stone implements. For the most part, the Himba people are still unaffected by modern civilization and are a rare and unique people to experience.

Epupa Camp offers daily, guided tours to some of the different seasonal Himba settlements in the region. To avoid disturbing or ruining the Himba's way of life and their fragile culture, we visit different settlements on a rotation basis and only with a knowledgeable Himba guide - all depending on the whereabouts and seasonal migration of the Himba.

Himba Boy

Himba woman

Himba woman milking a cow